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CURE faculty and staff are among the best educators in the field of ultrasound. They are professional, compassionate and dedicated to each student's success.

CURE Founder

Karen Nussbaumer, BS, RDMS, RVT

My father, Dr. Fridtjof Nussbaumer, was an orthopedic surgeon who practiced in upstate New York for over 30 years. Before I was involved in ultrasound education and research, I was delivering pizza, writing music, broke and struggling. After my father had an ultrasound on his heart, he called me and told me about it. He explained there was a school near where he lived and wanted me to go. After a bad experience delivering pizza, I agreed. I applied to the school and was luckily accepted. On the second day of class, I was introduced to Ultrasound Doppler. At that moment, I was hooked. I was amazed at this technology that could hear the sound of blood flow inside the body. I dove head first into ultrasound and learned as much as possible and continue to do so. Since then, I have become an expert in vascular, abdominal, superficial structures and oncological ultrasound, as well as ultrasound research.  ​ I began my career working at Mobile Infirmary Medical Center. I was very lucky to be given hands on training, otherwise I might not be in this field at all. I am very thankful for my time there. When our department was struggling to find potential new hires, I realized there was a need for an ultrasound school. In 1999, I opened the first specialized school in the country, Gulfcoast Institute of Vascular Ultrasound. It is still open today under new ownership as Cardiac and Vascular Institute, and even has the same logo. I was in my 20s and wanted to explore that world, so I ended up selling my shares to my partners and traveling with ultrasound for a few years.  ​ A traveling assignment in Boston, led me to Massachusetts General Hospital. I was hired to be the Technical Manager of the General Ultrasound department in order to incorporate vascular ultrasounds. MGH was very fast paced and high volume. The experience was extremely rewarding. At MGH, I also enjoyed being able to delve into research. I was able to publish my original research in association with Harvard, and, at the time, was the only non physician published in the MGH/Harvard research journals. ​ After an injury left me unable to perform multiple ultrasounds, I made the decision to open a second ultrasound school. After years of hard work and dedication, CURE received licensure and was able to begin teaching. ​ Our first class, in New Rochelle, New York, began in one room with 4 students. Now located in White Plains, New York, CURE has grown significantly since then and has a campus full of bright and dedicated students. I'm thankful to be able to help create opportunities for students to graduate and become successful in the expansive field of ultrasound. I feel excited about the future of ultrasound and about the mission of CURE. One of our goals is to be able to reduce cancers caused by medical radiation. As ultrasound education improves, we believe ultrasound will be used more often, decreasing X-Ray, CT and PET scans, and reducing cancers caused by radiation.  ​ If you'd like more information about me or about THE CURE, please don't hesitate to contact me at ​ Stay safe and sound, ​ Karen Nussbaumer  CURE, Founder

Campus President

Marlin Fokusorgbor

Campus President

CURE staff, faculty and clinical partners are leaders in ultrasound education, ultrasound diagnostics and ultrasound research.

Advisory board

The CURE Advisory Board is composed of medical and operational directors and administrators, ultrasound technologists, sonography students and other sonography medical professionals that strive to improve educational offerings in order to elevate clinical care of patients worldwide.

The vision of THE CURE CENTER is to ensure that sonography educational programs are developed so that students have the knowledge and guidance to learn all aspects of ultrasound, from head to toe and beyond, to be able to work successfully in the fields of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Vascular Technology and/or Echocardiography.

The Advisory Board will assist in the review of programs for sonography, development of clinical activiites and expectations of today's sonographers in various regions. Advisors often assist in the procurement of clinical sites that have a vast amount of pathology for students to observe.

The Advisory Board meets twice per year at THE CURE CENTER in White Plains, NY and is involved in quarterly calls for comments and review of clinical materials. 

The rewards of being able to shape sonography education are far reaching. We believe that CURE advisors that assist with student's education can help departments to obtain better prepared and more qualified graduates and, in turn, improve patient outcomes.


Medical Educators hold the key to reducing medical error and easing the strains of management in ultrasound departments.

If you have the knowledge, expertise and desire to enhance ultrasound education in the hopes to improve patient outcomes, contact us and become a CURE advisor today.


John Salerno, DO

Salerno Center

Wellness & Complimentary

Senior Medical Advisor

Marta  Gajor, CURE Advisor_edited_edited.jpg.webp

Marta Gajor, RDMS, RVT

Mayo Clinic

General Ultrasound

CURE Senior Ultrasound Advisor

Marta holds five ultrasound registries from ARDMS including Breast, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Abdomen, Pediatric Sonography and Vascular Technology, and practices daily in the specialties she is credentialed in.

She has over a decade of experience in sonography, with a significant amount of experience in a level 1 trauma hospital. 

Marta has worked abroad in the U.K. as an Advanced Practitioner Ultrasonographer where she became adept at ultrasound interpretations.

She is currently finished a masters of science degree where she aims to be a vital contributor to sonography students.

Alexandra Roberts.jpg.webp

Alexandra Roberts, RDCS

Arizona Heart Foundation

Cardiac Ultrasound

CURE Senior Ultrasound Advisor

Alexandra is currently teaching cardiac ultrasound full time at the Arizona Heart Foundation in Phoenix, Arizona. She received her degree in Cardiovascular Technology from Mercy College of Ohio.

Her clinical experience comes largely from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and Phoenix, AZ, where she also served as an Instructor of Medicine for the Mayo Clinic School of Health and Sciences.

Alexandra is passionate about providing her students with a comprehensive education that allows them to develop skills to assess the entire clinical picture with confidence. Her ultimate goal is to inspire her students to become life-long learners of cardiology. 

Jessica Advisor CURE_edited.png.webp

Jessica Norton, RDMS, RVT

Stony Brook Vascular

Vascular Ultrasound

CURE Senior Ultrasound Advisor

Jessica is currently practicing in all areas of ultrasound. She serves as the Outpatient Technical Manager at the Stony Brook Vascular and Vein Center in Centereach, NY since 2007, overseeing the vascular lab for all of their locations.

Jessica has a passion for teaching, and was the former vascular program instructor for the Western Suffolk Boces School of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, in Northport, NY for over 10 years.

She is a clinical educator for the dialysis program with BD, and also dedicates her time as an instructor for the Hands On Training program in New Jersey.

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