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Why Medical Practices Should Acquire New Ultrasound Machines

The time has come where ultrasound technology has surfaced as the most vital tool in diagnostic medicine. Hospitals, medical practices, medical offices and medical schools are realizing the benefits of ultrasound, not just for the low cost and not just for the portability, but for the incredible imagery and diagnostic ability that ultrasound brings.

As more doctors, residents and student are acquiring handheld and portable ultrasound technology, it is our belief that we will see an increase in early diagnosis and better patient outcomes.

It is apparent that the teaching hospitals of our country, that can afford to invest in the superior tools that ultrasound offers, have the ability to more accurately and more effectively diagnose disease with ultrasound. We are lucky that we live in a world where we have a tool that can comfortable see inside our bodies within seconds, painlessly and cost effectively.

We have seen ultrasound become more than a diagnostic tool for "real time" exams such as Lower Venous Duplex and Carotid Duplex, and have seen ultrasound leap into being a leader in assisting in the diagnosis and treatment of most cancers. Even benign conditions can be diagnosed more rapidly now with ultrasound, without the potential harms and the great cost of other tools.

It is a relief to see physicians and students in hospitals and medical practices and offices using handheld and portable ultrasounds to try to make a quick diagnosis. It's incredible to see these individuals help patients so efficiently.

The cardiac doctors at Lennox Hospital, for example, perform their own ultrasounds on patients as soon as the patient is admitted. We see this as a remarkable feat considering that in the past, doctors didn't perform the ultrasounds and, instead, had to wait for a order to go through and then wait for a technologist to scan the patient and then wait for the results to be interpreted before they could receive any information about the test. Time that could cost the patient their life.

Now, these incredible doctors are able to put the probe down on the patient quickly and see what might be causing their issue immediately. It's a new world. Ultrasound technology is leading the way.

The most impressive diagnostic tools that we have seen in ultrasound lately, are in the field of Obstetrics. General Electric, GE, has been at the forefront of creating modern ultrasound machines. Their technology has come a long way from pixelated black and white mages that were difficult to interpret to the clear, perfectly realistic images that we see today.

We were blown away by the images created by the 3D-4D, GE Voluson, E10 System. Take a look at the image attached to this article. That is not an artist's rendering of a fetus. That is an actual fetus. It is unbelievable that ultrasound technology has come so far. The best part? It can only get better from here.

The field of ultrasound has become one of the most needed, rapidly growing fields of medicine. The more the technology increases, the more the needs of medical professionals, medical students and patients are met. It's just a matter of time, before all medical professionals have access to these remarkable machines and we hope that time comes quickly.

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