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We will get back to normal, despite what Fauci says. We will do this by understanding that we will never stop viruses. But we CAN reduce the symptoms and keep breathing. We can put viruses at bay and create vaccines and live with them, but they will still exist and we will all be vulnerable to them at some point.

I have no doubts that we can stop the deaths from this virus. People are not technically dying from a virus. They are dying from the symptoms which come from our bodies own immune system.

I think being persistent and finding the answers is something we can all participate in, using all of our resources, to reducing the respiratory symptoms caused by the corona virus.

Two of my favorite movies are Lorenzo's Oil and Extraordinary Measures. If you haven't seen them, please check them out. The cures were not found by doctors or scientists or anyone in the medical community. They cures were found by dads. Dads. Dads that were not accepting that their kids would die. The entire time they were fighting for the cures, the medical community and even the people around them, were telling them to quit and insisting that it can't be done. And they did it anyways. They did it anyways. They didn't give up. They were persistent.

We can be persistent together. One thing I have learned is that you don't need to be a doctor to do research and you don't need to be in the traditional medical world to heal people. I have found great comfort in alternative medical practices, complimentary medicine and wellness organizations and even healers that have helped me learn about different natural medicines and even meditation that have truly healed me in many ways.

I think we can all work together to help in some way to defeat this COVID crisis. I hope that we can all work together to learn more about what is causing the respiratory distress and how to reduce the symptoms. We won't just be helping people with COVID, but people with other respiratory diseases as well.

Right now, I think we need to look up everything we can about pneumonia, congestion, inflammatory processes that cause clotting, finding out why blood clots and why our bodies aren't thinning blood as normal. Perhaps we can even have a digital symposium.

This is what we can study and learn and welcome anyone to help:

What is pneumonia? It is a reaction that causes "congestion" in the lungs. There's an NIH paper link here that explains it well.

What is congestion? Congestion is actually lipids that result from the body's defense mechanisms sending phlegm and mucus and fats throughout the body, primarily in the chest and lungs, but also in the brain, partly because of the capillary pathways. If you haven't really thought about where phlegm and mucus comes from and why it forms, I think this is a good start to get closer to the answers for learning how to reduce respiratory symptoms. Phlegm and mucus don't just sit in your chest waiting for you to get sick. They are a process that results from the body's defense mechanisms forming lipids and proteins and other substances.

How do you relieve congestion? This the question to be answered. I think dilating capillaries could help.

What is blood clotting? Why does the blood clot? What mechanisms cause it to clot rapidly? How do we prevent it? How does blood normally stay thin and not clot?

If the virus causing trauma to the cells in the body, and the the calcium ions, which are like little soldiers that are part of the body's defense mechanism against any level of cellular trauma, coming out of the reticulum of the mitochondria through the phospholipid bilayer, causing fats and lipids and plaques to form that causes congestion, can it be controlled? Do those same ions lead to sticky fats in the lungs causing pneumonia and ARDS and fat embolism? Do the macrophages and tcells have a relationship with the fibrin? Does the process of lipid transport reduce the fibrolytic response?

I have had asthma since I was a kid. I was hospitalized a couple of times when I couldn't breathe and had to be put on nebulizers and all kinds of medicines to open my airways. Nothing really worked permanently, until one night at around 3:30am, when I couldn't breathe and told myself I was going to have to go to the ER, I started to "google" how to stop asthma. What I learned what that I was breathing wrong my entire life. I "mouth-breathed" instead of "nose-breathed." Because my nose was always stuffed up with allergies, I always had asthma. I didn't figure out why until I researched that mouth breathing is a form of hyperventilation which actually causes hypoxia and asthma. I also learned that I needed to expel more carbon dioxide. My arterial gases were completely messed up because I didn't breath through my nose. Our nose is our filter and we are designed to use it to breathe. I had to repair it. So that night, I came across a breathing method online called the Buteyko breathing method. I blew all my air out. This was opposite of what my lungs and body were telling me to do. My body was telling me to breathe in deeply through my mouth. I had to do the exact opposite in order to breathe. I blew all my air out, I held my breath for 10 seconds, which was very hard to do, and then only breathed in through my nose. I did this several times. When I did it, I felt dizzy and a little lightheaded. What I was doing was was dilating my capillaries. Without medicine. The capillaries are the little arteries that transport oxygen and nutrients. I've been nose breathing like this for over 5 years now and I don't have asthma anymore. I learned to reduce my stuffy nose by breathing through it. Even a stuffy nose can become unstuffed if you just keep breathing through it. And Flonase, which is the only over the counter nasal spray with a steroid in it, reduces all the inflammation so it's easier to breathe through my nose. It's so nice to be able to not have asthma.

The reason I am sharing this is because I believe we need to breathe through our nose when we have respiratory symptoms and we can do that on our own by blowing all our air out through our mouths, closing our mouths, holding our breath for as long as we can and then breathing in only through our nose. It works. Even though it might not seem very medical, it cured my asthma. And I think even some of the people who can stay under water for very long periods of time use methods like this. Anyrhing we can do to control our breathing can help. I hope we can study this as well.

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