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Is COVID-19 Causing Fat Embolism?

I believe the pneumonia and the cerebral symptoms of COVID 19 could be a result of some type of Fat Embolism. Fat Embolism is caused by any trauma to the cell, physical or chemical, that causes fat globules to form that can lodge in the lungs and even the brain. It was believed that fat embolism was caused by physical injury to the body, but I believe that it is also chemical and only takes mild cellular trauma to cause the calcium ions to increase and ultimately form fat and plaques.

My hypothesis is that the cells in the body are traumatized by the virus, which result in calcium ions exiting the reticulum of the mitochondria and entering the bloodstream. The calcium ions act like little soldiers that come out of the cell when the cell is traumatized. Similarly, when you put blood into a centrifuge, the plasma rises to the surface. I believe the ions try to defend our bodies against any potential harm and the result is lipids that turn into plaques. Considering the end result of all disease is some type of plaque, and considering calcium ions are a catalyst for plaque, it’s not impossible to believe this could be a piece of a very complex puzzle. Heart disease causes plaque in the coronary arteries. Strokes can be caused by plaques that break off and lodge in the cerebral vessels. Alzheimer’s is caused by amyloid plaques. Parkinson’s is scattered plaques. Multiple sclerosis results in sclerotic plaques. Diabetes is a systemic disease of plaque. And even in death, your body tries to protect you by forming plaques, which lead to rigor mortis.