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"Ultrasound adds life saving and time saving value to medical practices. I've saved lives using ultrasound for acute gynecological imaging and saved many women from long, painful wait times in the ER."
- Dr. Michael Kessler

Dr. Michael Kessler, CURE OBGYN Advisor.png

Lisa Corrente, MD
Radiology & Musculoskeletal
Senior Medical Advisor

John Salerno, DO
Salerno Center
Wellness & Complimentary
Senior Medical Advisor

Michael Kessler, MD
Quinnipiac University
ObGyn & Research
Senior Medical Advisor

The CURE Advisory Board is composed of medical and operational directors and administrators, ultrasound technologists, sonography students and other sonography medical professionals that strive to improve educational offerings in order to elevate clinical care of patients worldwide.

The vision of THE CURE CENTER is to ensure that sonography educational programs are developed so that students have the knowledge and guidance to learn all aspects of ultrasound, from head to toe and beyond, to be able to work successfully in the fields of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Vascular Technology and/or Echocardiography.

The Advisory Board will assist in the review of programs for sonography, development of clinical activiites and expectations of today's sonographers in various regions. Advisors often assist in the procurement of clinical sites that have a vast amount of pathology for students to observe.

The Advisory Board meets once per year at THE CURE CENTER in White Plains, NY and is involved in quarterly calls for comments and review of clinical materials. 

The rewards of being able to shape sonography education are far reaching. We believe that CURE advisors that assist with student's education can help departments to obtain better prepared and more qualified graduates and, in turn, improve patient outcomes.


Medical Educators hold the key to reducing medical error and easing the strains of management in ultrasound departments.

If you have the knowledge, expertise and desire to enhance ultrasound education in the hopes to improve patient outcomes, contact us and become a CURE advisor today.

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