The primary goal of The CURE Center, is to assist graduates in becoming employed in the field of ultrasound.

Our success in our student's success. When we can open a door for individuals with the minimum education of a High School Diploma or GED to work in ultrasound in two years or less, we truly succeed.

When we can open a door for individuals with the minimum education of a High School Diploma or GED to be able to enter into a career in ultrasound in two years, who have the opportunity to earn a salary, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, averaging nearly $65,000 per year after completing our program, is our greatest reward.

CURE is not only called CURE because it sounds good with Center for Ultrasound Research & Education. It is called CURE because we truly believe that cures are yet to be discovered and can be created with the technology of ultrasound.  Students are able to participate in this research as assistants who have the opportunity to become published in worldwide medical journals.   

CURE also believes that by training technologists with the highest standards in ultrasound, we can increase the use of ultrasound globally.  Better techs equates to increased trust by the doctors that order the ultrasounds.

Overall, our goals include promoting ultrasound, helping people and creating job opportunities.

We welcome you to become a part of the CURE.