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CURE promotes the Hippocratic Oath, "First Do No Harm", which Hippocrates, the first medical doctor, inspired. Although most medical facilities in our country do not adhere to the Oath, the CURE mission is directly tied to promoting the use of safe ultrasound FIRST over more harmful studies that have ionization, cancer causing, radiation. CURE believes that we shouldn't radiate our bodies in diagnostics and treatment when there are alternatives. The world is beginning to agree with us as more and more patients are asking for healthcare alternatives.


THE CURE CENTER a key to increasing the use safe use of ultrasound through advanced ultrasound training and increased awareness of the harms of radiation in other medical tests.


Diagnostic Medical Sonography schools must deliver the highest quality education to their students in order to earn trust from the physicians they work with in order to encourage doctors to order safer studies like ultrasound, instead of ordering a CT/PET scan for a test that can be seen with ultrasound.