The Pathogeneis of Plaque

A Key Factor To Cures 

"When you realize that the end result of all life-threatening diseases is some form of harmful lipid build up or plaque - Diabetes, Heart Disease, Strokes, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, Alzeheimer's, etc. - then studying this plaque and finding the root mechanism of it at a cellular level, should be the primary research of our lifetime." 

"When you understand that plaque originates from trauma to our cells, and that trauma - mechanical, biochemical, toxic, infectious, pathogenic, physiological, etc. - stimulates our own immune system to attack us and even kill us when it is built to heal us, then you have to consider that finding the root mechanism of this plaque at a cellular level and learning to control it is the greatest research of our lifetime."

"When you realize that the amount of calcium ion exchange from within the mitochondria of the cell is the root cause of plaque, you know that maintaining a balance between the number of ions in the cell and the number of ions that leave the cell is how we begin to cure all disease."


"The greatest challenge with studying calcium ion exchange in order to cure disease will be to focus on how to control and prevent what is innately trying to heal us."


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